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Nadia Altysheva

Hatha yoga lærer

With a background of foreign studies and communications and several years as a journalist Nadia’s roots have cultural diversity and a flavour for adventure and inquiry.


Following some basic study in Yoga, Nadia had an inner call to travel to India to study with Satya Loka on their 200 hour Yoga Teacher training, from here she undertook a series of personal sadhanas ( special yogic practices). Life opened dramatically for her at this point, and ever since she feels clearly that her path in life is that of Yoga and Tantra. She has attended a number of workshops courses and retreats to deepen her practice and has co ordinated and assisted Satya Loka TTCs in Thailand and India.

Nadya's classes have its foundation on Traditional Hatha yoga with its alignment, sacred geometry and integrity. Nadia teaches Classical Hatha yoga with focus on chakras and energy body with holding asanas from 2 min and longer to go beyond physical body, muscles and ligaments. Accessing mental, emotional level, reliving nervous system, building up energy in every chakra. Every asana is a tool to connect to the universal energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Either, Cosmic energy.

She also brings her love for dance, free flow, music, laughter. 

"My yoga evolves with me. My practice has become happier, when I started breaking rules, detached from the idea that yoga/mantra/tantra is the main tool . It's not. Freedom, acceptance, joy, celebration of your uniqueness is."

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