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Emese Gulbrandsen Toth

hatha yoga lærer, vinyasa flow, power yoga mm

emese_gundbrandsen400x600Emese skriver om segselv:

I have been working on developing One Sip of Yoga for years, experimenting on myself, so I could give my clients a good relationship with their heart and their spirit. Instead of having long hours of practices, I decided to separate of the elements of my teaching. With these tow different set of classes we begin to build a life that we are proud of, a life that is fulfilling.

Cup of Yoga (like a strong espresso to your body) is condensed in a short class where we aim to focus only on our physical body. This is where we all start, slowly getting to know our body and its reactions which will open new insights into our soul.

Bowl of Yoga (like a nice bowl of soup for your soul) is working with emotional injuries/addictions, focusing on chakra cleansing through pranayama, guided meditation and asanas.

Classes are held in English an on different days of the week but they are connected to each other.



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